Brandywine Communications Celebrates 15 Years in Time and Frequency Products

Brandywine, a small company in Tustin, California has been a crucial leader in providing Time and Frequency Solutions to industries all over the globe.

Tustin, CA (PRWEB) January 7, 2010 — Brandywine Communications Inc. celebrates 15 years offering superior products to the time and frequency marketplace as well as providing the latest technology in video encoding and decoding. Their mission is to provide the finest equipment coupled with excellent sales service and follow-up. Brandywine’s staff of dedicated professionals represents over 100 years of collective experience in design, manufacturing and sales of precision time and frequency products.

Products from Brandywine Communications range from components such as Oven Controlled Oscillators (OCXO’s), to the largest selection of Bus Level Timing Cards, GPS and time code based time and frequency standards, to complete master clock systems like the top of the line High Performance Timing System (HPTS). Various products such as time displays and stand-alone timing units are also available providing complete support for all your time and frequency needs.

The Network Time Servers use GPS and the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to precisely synchronize their clocks in an unlimited number of computers that are installed on a TCP/IP based ethernet network.

Brandywine offers custom products for the OEM market, GPS as well as SA-ASM GPS solutions for military applications. Their time and frequency standards with time code support a wide range of time code formats including IRIG B, IRIG A, IRIG G, 1PPS and HaveQuick.

They supply timing to several major market segments including: Aerospace, US and Municipal governments, telecommunications, US military, power utilities, financial institutions, test ranges, automotive industry, healthcare and schools.

Brandywine is pleased to be continuously growing and building their business. Striving to always be on the cutting edge with the latest technology they offer the best solutions to time and frequency applications across the world.

To learn more about Brandywine Communications and how they can be your complete timing solution, please contact us.