Flight-Qualified Airborne Timecode Processor

Time & Frequency Solutions’ Miniature Airborne-Qualified Time Code Processor (TCP-AM), is an extremely accurate and robust instrument that can be synchronized to a variety of external time sources and is a source of IRIG-AM, IRIG-DCLS, GPS HQ, NTPv4 (RFC 5905) or PTPv2 (IEEE 1588-2008) time codes.


  • Flight Qualified
  • Support for IEEE-1588 and GPS Havequick II I/O
  • Input IEEE-1588 and Convert to IRIG A/B
  • Tested to MIL-STD 810F and 461E CE102 and RE 102
  • Custom options available


Time Code Outputs
Connector Type BNC
Time Formats IRIG-B121...127
Output Amplitude 3.0 Vpp (no load), 2.0 Vpp (into 600 ohms)
Ancillary Signals
Output Options Programmable Pulse 1, Programmable Pulse 2, Programmable Pulse 3, Programmable Pulse 4, 1PPS, GPS On-Time Mark, GPS Have-Quick II, GPS Lock IRIG-DC
Input Options Event 1 to Event 4, Debounced switch closure input, Logic level input (accuracy +/- 100 ns)
RS232 NMEA messages (Time/Location)
Connector Type Glenair 801-011-07M7-10SA
Mating Connector Type Glenair 801-008-16M7-10PA
Power 9 to 36 V DC, 1.5 W (no options)
Internal Time Base
Stability 1 ppm (@ 25 deg C)
Stability over Temperature 1 ppm (-40 to +40 deg C)
Long Term Stability 1 ppm (1 year @ 25 deg C)
Calibration Range +/- 8 ppm
Calibration Accuracy +/- 15 ppb of external time source (@ 25 deg C) when disciplined
IRIG-B Within +/- 10 µs of external source at initial synchronization
GPS Within +/- 200 ns of external source
GPS Have Quick II Within +/- 200 ns of external source
Operating -40 to +60 deg C [without Li-Ion battery]
Storage -50 to +70deg C
Humidity 95% Non-condensing
GPS Receiver
Power 5V active antenna power output, Short circuit and open detection
Connector Type TNC

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