3U Modular Time and Frequency System With 9 Slots

These Stratum 1 modular time and frequency master clock systems are an advanced, high precision timing platform commonly specified for use in critical timing applications that depend upon a reliable, quality time standard.  The M211 is a 3U platform with 9 expansion slots.

With a range of over 40 functional module blocks, each system can be optimised to suit specific application demands spanning multi format I/O networks, NTP Time servers, time code readers and generators, multi-sync sources, oscillators and power supplies with single, double or triple redundancy.

The robust design and unrivalled build quality delivers exceptional performance and trouble free product field longevity.  

Software interfaces such as those available on the 3 port NTP time server module are proven and hardened against common cyber attack methods.



  • Module Expansion Slots: M211 – 9 Slots, More with the Optional M842 dual redundant interfacing switch for M211
  • Disciplined Oscillators: Choice of TCXO, OCXO and high performance Rubidium atomic clock
  • Power Supplies: Single or Twin Universal AC mains or 48 V DC or combination as required
  • Time Sync Sources: GPS, MSF, DCF, 1PPS, IRIG-B, IRIG-E, 2137, XR3, AFNOR, Mains AC, NTP
  • Module Output Formats: NTP, RS422, RS232, 1PPS, AFNOR, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, E1/T1 Telecoms, HQ, IRIG-B, SMPTE-EBU, Audio, Video Overlay, 4-20mA, Clock Impulse, Volt free relay
  • Approvals: Qualified for use in ATC, Public Transport, Network Rail, Oil & Gas – CE, ISO9001, AS9100D
  • Remote interfaces: Web browser based Clock Management System (CMS), configuration tools and Virtual Machine Interface
  • Warranty: 3 Years standard – Options for extended warranty and support contracts

Typical Applications

M210 & M211 are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in safety critical applications such as Air Traffic Control, Rail & Road Networks, Oil & Gas installations and some military applications.

The units are built to AS9100D design and manufacturing standards and are factory configured on a per order basis.

The platform and many of the associated modules have been type approved for ATC & rail networks, backup by impressive MTBF performance figures.

Dual redundant Master Clock Systems may be implemented by the inclusion of an M842 switchover unit.