Brandywine Communications Inc. Acquires Time and Frequency Solutions Ltd.

TUSTIN, CA—Brandywine Communications Inc. announced today that on May 28, 2015 it consummated the acquisition of Time and Frequency Solutions Ltd., a UK company (“TFS”), in which TFS became a wholly owned subsidiary of Brandywine’s BWC Solutions unit.

Brandywine Communications is a leading provider of precision timing and frequency devices to the aerospace and defense, industrial and telecommunications markets. Brandywine Communications is headquartered in Tustin CA, with operations in Santa Ana CA, Cody WY and Reston VA. Time and Frequency Solutions (TFS) is the leading UK manufacturer of time and frequency devices to the power utility, transportation infrastructure and defense markets worldwide, and is located in Witham Essex UK.

“The successful completion of the merger represents a major milestone for Brandywine Communications, positioning the company for continued growth,” said Gary Smith, President. “We believe this transaction will enable us to expand our business base and further position Brandywine in international markets and in a wider range of industries. This acquisition is the natural outgrowth of over 20 years of collaboration between the two companies”

For further information contact: Gary Smith, President, Brandywine Communications.
Tel.: (714) 755 1050