Brandywine Communications Selected as Partner for Next Generation GPS based Position, Navigation and Timing System

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems [RTN, NYSE], has selected Brandywine Communications (Tustin CA), to develop the Time and Frequency Component (TFC) of the GPS based Position, Navigation and Timing System (GPNTS). The GPNTS contract, awarded to Raytheon is a 4 year $32.2 million cost-plus-incentive-fee contract to create the next generation of GPS based position, navigation and timing for the United States Navy’s surface fleet.

Gary Smith, Brandywine’s CEO stated “the competitive award of the Time and Frequency Component of GPNTS to Brandywine Communications represents a confirmation of Brandywine’s status as the preeminent supplier of time and frequency hardware to the US Navy. Brandywine’s Time and Frequency Distribution System (TFDS) has been operational with the submarine fleet since 1997. With the award of this subcontract by Raytheon IDS we will now supply the surface fleet with a modernized and improved time and frequency distribution system. A similar Timing Distribution System is already flying on the P-8 Poseidon aircraft. The addition of surface combatants to our customer portfolio means that Brandywine will be the supplier of choice for all US Navy platforms. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Raytheon and SPAWAR on the GPNTS program.”

The GPNTS Time and Frequency Component is designed to replace multiple equipment types with a single modular system that is uniquely customized for each ship’s specific needs. It is based on Brandywine’s High Performance Timing System, (HPTS) This next-generation system is capable of outputting virtually any analog or digital timing signal. A unique capability of the HPTS is its extreme flexibility thanks to the Universal Output Signal Module, which allows for each connector to be independently configurable for almost any time or frequency signal format.

The GPNTS system is expected to be installed on most ships in the United States Navy.

Brandywine Communications is a privately held company and is headquartered in Tustin CA.

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