A Portable Timing Solution for Keeping Precise Time Under Any Circumstance

Brandywine Communications Introduces their Portable Timing Unit

Tustin, CA (PRWEB) April 8, 2010 — The Portable Timing Unit, or PTU, is a low cost, battery operated, transportable timing system that is designed to provide precise time of day at point of use. This unit is a part of their Time and Frequency systems and a great solution for many applications such as flight testing, military test ranges, aircraft mission system hot start, communications system hot start, or as an accurate portable standby clock.

The PTU is an extremely flexible unit in its ability to automatically synchronize to a variety of timing sources including a GPS signal, GB-GRAM SAASM GPS or a serial time code such as IRIG B or Have Quick. This unit can be operated and monitored by either the Ethernet interface or by the front panel. It is ruggedized and weatherproof for easy traveling and use under any circumstances.

The internal battery on the PTU will operate the OCXO based unit for 5 hours, and the TCXO version for 10 hours.. Optional longer life batteries are available. There is a status LED on the front of the unit to indicate how much battery life is left and if recharging is needed.

The PTU has an 11 digit display and is controlled by a front panel switch to conserve battery life. This unit also includes an external event input that will log the time of external events applied as input pulses. These time tags are stored in internal memory and can be displayed or retrieved using the network interface.

The Portable Timing Unit designed by Brandywine is a great solution to get accurate time on the go with a ruggedized and weatherproof unit that will gives accurate time for critical testing needs.

Brandywine Communications is a leader in Time and Frequency products world-wide, and is continuously developing new products to create the most precise timing solutions. To find out more information about the PTU and to get the datasheet, please contact us.