Brandywine Announces the NFS-220, the Advanced Network-Ready Time and Frequency Standard

Brandywine Communications, a manufacturing company of state-of-the-art time and frequency products has released the newest GPS synchronized time and frequency standard in their line. Applications of the NFS-220 include WI-FI, WI-Max, satellite communications, telecommunications, and military communications.

Tustin, CA (PRWEB) December 2, 2009 — The NFS-220 is a precision time and frequency reference that includes internal high stability oscillator that is continuously calibrated by comparison to 16 channel GPS receiver. The NFS-220 provides optimal frequency control of the oscillator for the highest accuracy even if no satellites can be tracked. With automatic position-averaging the NFS-220 enables the best use of GPS when operating in a fixed location. This unit includes 4 low phase noise 10MHz outputs, 3 1PPS outputs with individual 600ps propagation delay compensation, IRIG A, IRIG B or IRIG G time code, Have Quick time code, and Network Time Protocol (NTP) outputs. All outputs are provided with activity detectors that show alarms on the front panel as well as through the Ethernet network interface.

The NFS-220 includes an Ethernet interface with a built-in web server that allows the unit to be controlled remotely using any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. A unique feature allows precisely controlled delays to be inserted into timing outputs to compensate for cable and other propagation delays. Compensation delay is independent for each output and has less than 1ns resolution. The NFS-220 can also be synchronized to an external GPS receiver using 1PPS and/ or Have Quick time code for interfacing to military GPS receivers with STANAG 4430 or TPS ICD-GPS-060 compliant interfaces. With the latest technology and accuracy this unit surprisingly comes in at a very economic price making it a great solution for GPS precision timing needs.

Brandywine is excited to have this new powerhouse added to its top of the line portfolio. To find out more about this product and get the datasheet please contact us for more information.