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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers


Precision Time Signal Distribution

A broad range of time signal distribution units for common timing applications that include, IRIG B, DCLS, Have Quick & 1PPS

A broad range of quality Time Signal Distribution Units enjoying worldwide recognition for their reliability and flexibility in critical timing systems.

Features commonly include dual reference inputs with automatic “hitless” changeover and multiple independently-buffered fault tolerant outputs. The product range caters for a wide range of input signals, including IRIG A, IRIG B, Have Quick, 1PPS, as well as low phase noise reference frequencies.

Many units provide automatic signal status monitoring and alarms along with intuitive, secure and easy to use network based user interface.

The TDU-310 delivers automatic or manually selected dual redundant timing signal buffering and distribution across 40 outputs from a twin optically isolated banks comprising 2 x 3 independent time signal inputs, namely 1PPS, Have Quick and 50 bit/sec BCD time code.  

Output signal reference selection combinations are link configurable in groups of 5 (BNC) or 10 (D Type) delivering a total of 40 buffered signals compliant with ICD-GPS-060 across 2 x 10 BNCs and a 50W D type connector.

The independent reference inputs are supported with fault monitoring and automatic switchover to the backup reference should the primary source(s) fail.  In addition, Time fault discrete inputs facilitate reference changeover in response to external system signals. An automatic mode disable facility is available via a front panel switch facilitating manual override selection of the reference input bank.

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Precision Time Signal Distribution Units


TDU 310 - Multi reference, Dual Redundant Time Signal Distribution Unit

The IBU-240 is a high quality, precision dual source Timecode Distribution Unit for AC Timecode signals in the range 300Hz to 50KHz.  Applications for the IBU-240 include reliable Timecode distribution in systems designed for satellite ground stations, secure military communications and range timing.

The IBU-240 base unit model has twenty-four isolated Timecode outputs available at the rear panel via BNC connectors reflecting to two (Ref A & Ref B) Timecode signal reference inputs feeding the transfer switch.

A three-position front panel switch facilitates the manual selection of either reference A or reference B or an automatic selection mode. When the automatic AUTO mode is selected the AUTO indicator will be illuminated and Input A will be used by default if it is viable. Should Input A fail then Input B will be chosen automatically.

IBU 240 - Dual Input, Isolated 24 Output Precision Time Code Distribution Unit

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The IBU-160i is a high quality, remotely programmable Timecode distribution unit (100Hz - 100 KHz ) with dual redundant hot swap PSUs.  Applications for the IBU-160i include test ranges, satellite control centres, shipboard time distribution, airports, rail terminals, and any system requiring highly reliable time code distribution.

The IBU-160i base unit model has sixteen short circuit proof wide band outputs grouped as 2 banks of 8, available at the rear panel via BNC connectors, driven in response to one of two independent and isolated (Timecode A & Timecode B) signal source inputs.  Each Timecode input is capable of driving all 16 outputs.

Each output has a network programmable Timecode source assignment and amplitude setting along with fully independent status checking and fault condition reporting via the SNMPv2c trap based network interface and rear panel D type connectors.

IBU 160i - 16 Output Network Programmable Dual Redundant Time Code Distribution Unit

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ibu160i_ds11.pdf TDU-310 IBU160i

The RTG-510 is a highly versatile, remotely controlled dual redundant master clock that will synchronize to almost any timing input reference signal, including GPS, IRIG A, B, E, G, Have Quick, NASA36, and simultaneously output IRIG A, B, E, G, H, HaveQuick, 1PPS, dual NTP and RS232 to your system.

The unit has a built-in GPS receiver and high visibility 9-digit time display as well as Dual hot swappable dual redundant power supplies. Units are supplied with an active GPS antenna and 100ft (30m) of cable.

RTG 510 - Universal GPS & Time code Reader with Multiple Time Code Outputs

rtg510_ds18.pdfRTG510 Distribution Unit

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Our modular M21x & MMC can provide Precision Time Code distribution functions through the use of functional plug in modules.

Modular systems provide a method for building custom signal distribution functionality into purpose built timing systems that can be based upon the application specific requirement.  Modular timing functionality  can include Timecode distribution and frequency distribution.

Modular Time Code Distribution Units

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m210_m211_ds2.pdf mmc_ds15.pdf

The TCP-Ax range of advanced rugged Time Code Processors are extremely accurate and robust instruments that are easily configured with a PC via USB to synchronize with a wide variety of external time sources, including GPS, IRIG-B, Have Quick, and PTP (IEEE 1588).  

Two size variants are offered, the TCP-AS (Standard - Above Left) and the TCP-AM (Miniature version - Above Right).  The TCP-AS provides additional connectivity, an option for Lithium Ion cell backup and options to facilitate video insertion (PAL and NTSC).

Each unit provides an IRIG-B (121-127) output along with five configurable and programmable digital output signal generators for 1PPS, GPS Have Quick, IRIG-DC, GPS Lock.   In addition, four digital event capture inputs are provided that are accurate to within 100ns, making the TCP-Ax the ideal instrument for on board data capture, UTC referenced time stamping and timecode signal distribution.  All units are flight qualified and tested to MIL-STD 810F and 461E, CE102 and RE 102.

TCP-Ax Rugged Time Code Processors

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TCP_Ax_rugged_time_code_processors_ds23.pdf TCPax TCP Ax Airborne Time Code Processor M211 Clock MMC Clock MMC Rear