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FDA 160i : Advanced Frequency Amplifier Unit

The FDA-160i is a quality, general purpose frequency distribution unit  (1 - 20 MHz typical) with dual redundant hot swap PSUs. Applications include secure communications systems, satellite ground stations, digital television broadcasting.

The FDA-160i is a high quality, general purpose programmable frequency distribution amplifier unit  (1 - 20 MHz typical) with dual redundant hot swap PSUs.  Applications for the FDA-160i include secure communications systems, satellite ground stations, digital television broadcasting and any application requiring highly reliable frequency outputs and/or where networking capability and programming is a requirement.

The FDA-160i base unit model has sixteen short circuit proof wide band outputs grouped as 2 banks of 8, available at the rear panel via BNC connectors, driven in response to one of two independent  and isolated (Ref A & Ref B) signal source reference inputs.  Each reference input is capable of driving all 16 outputs.

Each output has a network programmable amplitude and reference signal assignment along with fully independent status checking and fault condition reporting via the SNMPv2c trap based network interface and rear panel D type connectors.  Once selected, reference signal sources are automatically switched over should a reference fail with the facility to pre-program the system response and reversionary timings once the normally assigned reference is restored.  A three-position front panel switch facilitates the manual override selection of either reference A or reference B. With automatic mode selected, each output will be driven by the programmatically assigned reference.

Front panel indicators show the status of the input selection and output condition along with power status indication. Each of the sixteen outputs is continually monitored and should an output fail for any reason, then a group alarm fault indicator will illuminate and trigger a rear panel fault alarm signal that may be used by external equipment to modify the reference and output signal routing and selection.

FDA 160i - 16 O/P Programmable Wide Band Frequency Distribution Unit

FDA 160i datasheet



  •    Network Enabled Frequency Distribution Amplifier

  •    Dual Frequency Inputs with Auto Failover

  •    Low Phase Noise Reference Frequency Outputs

  •    Programmable per channel amplitude

  •    SNMP v2c, HTTP, DHCP, IPv4 Protocols : RFC 1901, RFC 1905, RFC 1906, RFC 2578

  •    1U 19” rack mount

  •    Dual Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies


  •   16 discrete, fault tolerant and fully monitored sine wave outputs on BNC connectors

  •   Two reference signal inputs with automatic switching

  •   Fault status indication and fault driven reference changeover

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